10 tips to take care of the skin from the negative effects of the continuous use of masks



The mask has become one more element of our lives. Its protection is essential as a tool to face the virus, but its continued use has caused us significant problems in the complexion.

If you want to counteract these problems in the face, at Q77+ we are happy to provide you with the best essential tips for you to face and optimize your skin against the negative effects of the constant use of masks.

Negative effects on the face from masks

Before you start talking about the 10 basic tips for regular use of masks, it’s important to know what the consequences are for your face.






Many of these problems are due to the fact that the skin does not breathe well when using the mask, the more hours you should use it, the longer the face will spend without that natural oxygenation. Think of it as the hours of sleep, the less you rest the more the body will resent, the same is the complexion.

Tips to counteract the negative effects of masks

The materials with which the different masks are made are partly to blame for these consequences because their purpose is not to leak any particles. In order not to worsen the symptoms we advise you to wash the masks periodically with non-abrasive products and change every 4 days the surgical.

Now, let’s introduce you to the 10 basic tips you can follow in your face routine to counteract or care for the negative effects of masks.

1.      Deep cleaning

Just as it is important to change or wash the masks constantly, special care should also be taken with the daily cleaning of the face, which maintains the necessary hygiene against contaminants.

In your daily routine you should perform a thorough cleaning both day and night, using the appropriate products according to your type of dermis.

2.      Periodic exfoliation

This tip will help you remove impurities in the face, but how often you should do it will depend on your type of dermis and what state it is in.

If your epidermis is sensitive and is a victim of any of the negative consequences attributed to the use of masks, you will need to consult a specialist.

If not, exfoliation is done once a week. On the other hand, the mixed and oily complexions can be exfoliated up to twice a week, since this will help the pores are not covered when you use the mask and worsen the buds.

3.      Humidifier

There’s nothing better to decongest your complexion than a steam bath. This trick comes from grannies, but it is very effective because you will be able to relieve the dermis from the corrosivity of harmful agents.

To do this, you can do it with a humidifier or with a small pot at home for about 5 to 10 minutes without getting too close to the team because you can generate an injury. After you steam your face, rinse with cold water.

4.      Care with the makeup

When you put on makeup and use the mask, the face has less oxygenation, the pores are clogged more and the complexion is irritated, so we suggest you avoid makeup as much as possible.

If you do it anyway, try not to make the bases high cover, nor contain oils in their ingredients. Counteract negative effects with lighter makeup.

5.      Use facial tonic

The use of the facial tonic is a basic tool within the cleansing of the face. This product facilitates the removal of certain impurities that soap does not completely eliminate.

When you place the tonic on your skin do it with your hands, not with cotton because it absorbs most of the cleanser and will lose a lot.

6.      Moisturizer

In addition to being clean, an essential tip on the face is the application of moisturizers and if you are reforming as the moisturizer regenerator q77+ much better. Because, these kinds of products maintain balance in the dermis.

7.      Soothing and repairing products

Other elements suitable for skin care are serum, soothing and restorative creams, as these counteract the irritations caused by the masks.

In places like Farmaciaencasa24 you will get a significant variety of special products for face regeneration, in cases when you have already received significant skin damage.

8.      Massages on the face

With natural oils or the same soothing products massage your face with clean hands on your cheekbones passing the yolks. In this way, you will be able to eliminate the tension that your dermis presents.

9.      Natural masks

When you make natural masks, you refresh the skin and provide the nutrients from the ingredients you use. For example, even if you don’t believe it, orange is a wonderful fruit to devise restorative masks due to the benefits of its vitamins such as D, which you can learn more in this link.

There are other natural ingredients with which you can make refreshing masks such as oatmeal, yogurt, honey and others.

10. Sun protection

Never forget to protect the face with a sun protection factor, no matter that it is under the masks UV rays damage the face, causing damage many times irreparable. Therefore, when you leave, always use your sunscreen.

Always remember, that this implement is a complement more not the enemy and like a cleaning routine or creams, it will protect you from abrasive damage.

In the event that your skin does not improve by following these tips in your daily routine to counteract the effects of using the mask, it is essential that you attend a dermatologist.

Inside Q77+ you will find great products recommended to incorporate in your daily care, not only of face but of the body. Don’t forget to visit us on our website, as well as follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we make regular draws.

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