If you think about it, a facial cleanser is the basis of the skin care regimen. Skin that is cleaned properly is prepared and ready to receive the benefits of the rest of your daily routine, and choosing the right facial cleanser can make a big difference when it comes to the overall condition of the skin.

For this reason at Q77+ we have developed the innovative TONING CLEANSING GEL, a gel for daily use that deeply releases the skin of impurities, whether they are secreted by the skin itself as dead cells or excess fat, whether it is the environmental waste that accumulates during the day.

It is formulated with ingredients of the highest quality and it is free of sulfates, with fluid texture that prevents irritation and leaves the skin completely clean and renewed. Thanks to its silicone head with vibration, it is possible to tone the skin and optimize cleaning in time and efficiency.

This exquisite and luxurious cleansing gel revitalizes the skin in an impeccable way through a vibratory massage and removes any residue of fat, reviving the soft natural luminosity instantly. In this way, we allow the skin regenerates, lighten and breathe naturally.

Its formula, based on alpha-hydroxyacids, a-bisabolol, and a complex of oxygenating and anti-pollution assets guarantees a perfect result: a clean, smooth and silky skin.

Vibratory silicone head for deep cleaning

The CLEANSING GEL TONING Q77+ is formed by a silicone head that generates a vibration to facilitate and ensure the thorough cleaning of the face. Through its application, the skin is purified and with the rotational vibrator massage all dirt and dead cells are dragged, returning to the face an irresistibly soft and luminous sensation.

This cleaner works by vibration and rotation, cleaning pores in depth while producing an enzymatic exfoliation, thanks to its active ingredients, and physical, thanks to the silicone points that make it both soft and efficient.

After using, it is only necessary to rinse the skin with water, leaving it clean and free of black spots and impurities. And it is not only useful for the deep cleansing, but also because it makes the skin smoother. The soft silicone dots, cleanse the skin and provide a noticeable revitalizing effect.

Thanks to its waterproof surface, it is also possible to use it under the shower, allowing a great saving of time.

Active ingredients


SEPITONIC™ M3.0 is a multifunctional asset that provides vitality, prevents skin aging and protects against stress and pollution.

This ingredient visibly improves the texture of the skin and reduces deep wrinkles by increasing the oxygen available to the skin immediately. Through efficacy studies it has been possible to verify the increase of oxygen by 14% after 30 minutes of application. At the same time, this active stimulates the release of energy with a 34% improvement in ATP synthesis after 6 hours.



POLLUSTOP" is a polysaccharide that forms a non-occlusive film on the surface of the skin. Optimizes the effectiveness and structure of the matrix, and improves skin texture.

The pollutants that make up our daily environment, inside and out, must be seriously considered as important sources of skin stress. POLLUSTOP® acts immediate and physically to increase the protective capacity of the skin and hair by applying a non-inclusive and respiratory shield. Thus, it manages to build a global protective barrier against atmospheric pollution, UV rays and domestic pollution.


EXFO-BIO is an extract of tropical fruits (mango, banana and cajá) standardized in carbohydrates and total alpha-hydroxyacids (AHA). Stimulates cell renewal, improving the brightness and luminosity of the skin, while reducing the cohesion of the corneocytes, decreasing transglutaminase, the binding enzyme involved in the process.

This ingredient enhances the synthesis of Claudin-1, a binding protein that reinforces the skin barrier. It fills biological wrinkles, stimulating genetic activity related to adipogenesis (SREBP-1). Lipid reduction within cells is a normal process during aging.


The a-bisabolol is a natural and organic product obtained from the essential oil of chamomile flower. This ingredient is ideal for all types of dermis, providing softness, protection and smoothness. It achieves better absorption of the other ingredients of the formula and helps to protect the skin barrier from external agents that can damage it.

It is also an ideal ingredient for rosacea skin or atopic dermatitis and helps to combat acne thanks to its antimicrobial properties. It also improves skin tone and delays signs of aging by preventing collagen breakdown.


How to use it?

TONING CLEANSING GEL use is very simple. Just follow the following steps:

1. Open the shutter by turning the cleaning gel head to the "ON" position.

2. Then press the container lightly and dose the gel on one hand. Rotate the head back to the "OFF" position so we do not loose product. With the help of the other hand, rub the gel and apply on the face, neck and neckline.

3. Apply a warm water to generate the foam, then press the vibrator button.

4. Massage the face, neck and décolleté by rotating motion to ensure pore cleaning and toxin removal.

5. Rinse with warm water to finish the cleaning and drag all dirt and dead cells, returning the face a feeling of softness and smoothness.


This product can also be used during the shower to perfect cleaning and save time.

Regular facial cleansing is very important to keep your skin healthy, so never go to bed without washing your face and removing all makeup! Choose the TONIC CLEANSING GEL because it is the best option to revitalize and maintain your skin impeccable.

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