BHT is a stabilizing agent that is used mainly in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, among others.


Composición BHT


As for cosmetics, it is used in different families of products, specifically those where the formulations contain fatty substances or even aqueous emulsions that contain certain active ingredients or plant extracts. The purpose of BHT is to help maintain the properties and efficacy of a product when exposed to air. Therefore, it is an antioxidant used to stabilize and protect raw materials rather than as an ingredient as such in products. BHT is commonly found in the following cosmetic and personal care products:


-          Deodorants

-          Bar soaps

-         Lip protectors

-          Sunscreen

-          Face creams

-          Etc.




In the pharmaceutical sector, BHT is used to prevent and delay the rancidity of products and to reduce the loss of activity of fat-soluble vitamins. It also has antiviral action, having been used in the treatment of cold sores in the form of an oily solution.


In summary, BHT is a compound that retards the oxidation of fats, vegetable and animal oils in products that contain it.



BHT is accused of being an endocrine disruptor and of having toxic effects on the skin, liver, kidneys and lungs when ingested in extreme doses. BHT is also accused of having a carcinogenic potential, since it is confused with BHA, an ingredient that we do not use in Q77 +.


The truth is that BHT is not an endocrine disruptor, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). As for the studies that show the potential toxicity of BHT, these have been carried out under conditions of ingestion at very high doses, which in no case are similar to those of cosmetic use.


BHT Cosmetica

BHT is also accused of having a bioaccumulative potential in aquatic species but the reality is that it is not considered a bioaccumulative substance for the aquatic environment. Indeed, it was evaluated by Sweden in the framework of the 2004 European Working Group on Persistence, Bioaccumulability and Toxicity of Products in the Environment.


BHT has been used for decades around the world in cosmetic products, and its safety and high tolerance have been proven. There has also been no indication that it can cause allergies.

Lastly, BHT has been accused of being very harmful to the environment, but according to the results of a recent study by Australia's National Industrial Chemicals Assessment and Notification Scheme (NICNAS), BHT does not pose a significant risk to environment.


Hydroxybutylanisol (BHA) is an antioxidant preservative that is added to many foods to ensure freshness over time. BHA and BHT are often confused with each other because of the similarity of their names. Butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) is widely used as a preservative in the cosmetic and pharmacy industries. BHA is found in the following food products:


-          Cereals

-          Ice creams

-          Instant soup

-          Peanut butter

-          Cookies and sweets

-          Etc.



One of our basic products that contains BHT is the Q77 + MOISTURIZING CREAM. This cream is the perfect formula to maintain the strength of your epidermis and eliminate the deficiencies of wear and tear that appear on a day-to-day basis. Its main ingredients are Rosehip Oil, a rich and natural source of fatty acids and the regenerator par excellence; Shea Butter, a natural cell renewal with an intense moisturizing and nourishing power, and hyaluronic acid and glycerin, two natural humectants that provide hydration and enhance moisture retention in the skin.

Crema hidratante Q77plus


The fusion of its components acts against the degeneration of the skin and aging, achieving a smooth, strong skin free of wrinkles and expression lines. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it is able to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, managing to release the active ingredients in the heart of the epidermis. In addition, the concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids achieves extraordinary nutrition and hydration of the skin, with also anti-inflammatory properties.


The REPAIRING MOISTURIZING CREAM Q77 + is more effective because it provides a double action in the care of the skin of your face: it retains the applied ingredients and absorbs them through the epidermis. The result of its formulation and absorption properties is particularly important, especially in certain areas of the face exposed to the sun: the cheeks, nose and forehead, since they are areas more resistant to skin care, essentially during and after of the summer months.


Piel hidratada


In addition to absorption, it is vitally important to maintain the moisture of the skin, preventing the water contained in the epidermis from evaporating. Thanks to the natural moisturizers contained in the formula, it is possible to retain the moisture of the skin and prevent it from drying out.

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