Gold Booster mask q77 + HWNB is a totally revolutionary product, this product is based on the latest generation nano-technology.

It acts on the epithelial cells in a physical way, helping to achieve optimal physical, biological or chemical conditions for cell renewal.

Gold Booster mask q77 + is based on a complex structure of silica nanoparticles and other components among which is gold.

The principle is simple, when the formation of wrinkles begins, mechanically the same wrinkle compresses the cells of the same, preventing blood circulation and inhibiting the metabolic actions of the area, decreasing elasticity and cell regeneration, this is one of the main Due to the reasons why more dead cells are usually found in this area than in others, this causes the deformation to become ever deeper.

The action begins by applying the emulsion to the skin, the hydrophilic parts of the particles migrate through the ducts of the sweat glands and the other hydrophobic parts of the particles migrate through the ducts of the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles.

Forming a network with these hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles inside the epidermis.

The water in cosmetic products osmosis enters the interstitial fluids and skin cells. As the applied layer dries when losing water, the cosmetic forms a series of filaments that help to restore the skin, leaving it smoother and not deformed, preventing the formation of new wrinkles and regenerating the new area, each of these filaments are formed by hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles in water.

These particles anchor the filaments in the skin and in the area of ​​wrinkles. This filamentary structure works by pulling wrinkles, smoothing the skin. The process is especially intensive in damaged areas because intra and intercellular fluids have high salinity due to the slowdown of the metabolisms in that area, when we enrich with gold or other components such as aloe vera, vitamin E and A we increase the effect, with This system achieves the active action of these components.

Restoring damaged areas is more than temporary, by stimulating blood circulation in that area, it stimulates collagen proliferation metabolisms in cells.

The Booster masque q77 + also has a gentle peeling effect, removing dead skin cells from the epidermis.

As a result of the capillary action of hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles that bind to the natural fats of the skin.

If the skin is moist or hydrated, the water and the predominantly hydrophilic particles penetrate and concentrate around the dead cells of the epidermis.

If the skin is oily, the water and the predominantly hydrophobic particles also concentrate around the dead cells when drying, the product dislodges the dead cells of the epidermis.

If the dead cells are dry, the water will be absorbed by the dead cells that, when the product dries, will disintegrate from the epidermis and will fall when the product is removed with the washing water


True gold, integrated into the q77 + gold mask structures with hydrophilic and hydrophobic silica nanoparticles

Gold in topical cosmetics regenerates and stimulates cellular capacity against free radicals The epithelial cells and the electrons they contain are highly sensitive to the electrical charges generated by the action of gold. When these cells are under the influence of gold, the cellular connections and the ions of the cellular structure are activated, which gives the skin an important help in tissues that have lost their elasticity. So this product is not only preventive, but curative.

Immediately after application, this product is absolutely golden on the skin, the silica structure interacts with the skin and begins its action.

Each area of ​​the skin acts differently, when the color of the mask is changed, it turns white, then it is time to wash the face and eliminate residues.

Gold is a pure element used since ancient civilizations and in the most advanced current therapies, the effects are immediate smoothing of wrinkles, skin shine, stimulates skin circulation, smooth, delicate and effective peeling effect, and a noticeable increase of the firmness of the skin, maintenance of the PH of the skin.

Why Q77 + Gold Booster Mask is better:

1. Authentic gold.

2. Action indicator when changing color

3. Immediate smoothing of wrinkles and minimization of the pore thanks to external forces

4. Long-term improvement of fine lines and wrinkles

5. Gentle peeling

6. Immediate firmness

How to use:

Apply an envelope to clean, slightly damp skin to form a thin golden layer. Wait until the mask changes color and turns white and dry. Rinse it with plenty of water. Subsequently apply a moisturizer preferably the q77 + gold cream. Avoid contact with the eyes, if this occurs, wash them thoroughly with water.

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